Why have we long been wrong about these?
May I sleep with your wife?

There’s a quote:
“We may have different religions, different languages, different
colored skin, but we all belong to one human race. We all share the
same basic values.” —— Kofi Atta Annan

I think Mr. Annan and his followers will agree with what I say here
because they think “We all share the same basic values.” If they can’t
agree with me, they should first fight themselves, not me.

And since a lot of people use this quote to demand immigration or
welfare as they want without further conditions, now my question is,
may I sleep with your wife, maybe tonight?

Would you say, “Of course! Why not? We both belong to one human race.
Come on!” or would you say, “No way! Sleep with your own wife. I am
not going to share her with anybody.”?

The popularity of Mr. Annan shows there are a lot of people truly share
his way of reasoning.
I put them all into one family called “neither equal nor consistent logic”.

Those people would fight you (not love you) by defining certain logic
or values. But definitely you can’t use their own logic or values
against them. Their logic or values only serve their own selfish
purpose, not you!

They make their own rules or define logic or ethics to ATTACK others. And, they
can never be bothered to be in contradiction to their own ethics or
rules or logic. They want equality but there’s no equality in their
own logic/rules/values for others. If others follow their rules to do
the same thing against them, they will definitely change their rules.

And those people can never be concerned about the conditions of a result.

In the family of “neither equal nor consistent logic”, there are
Confucianism, modern liberalism, multiculturalism,
cultural-relativism, communism, etc.

In this family, people don’t try to find logic to follow or reason but
try to redefine logic to make their wishes FOREVER sound true to
attack others.

Congratulations to Mr. Annan! You have more than 1 billion comrades in
the Han Chinese world alone. They and you truly share the same basic
way of reasoning.

And, I would suggest Mr. Annan to eat grass because some animals can do
so and all animals and human race share the same basic features. That’s
a fact you can’t deny, and that’s your logic.

Another family is “equal and consistent logic”. In this family, there
are science, republicanism, etc. People don’t redefine logic to reason but try to follow certain logic to reason, and allow others to follow the same logic.

Religious logic is “equal but not consistent”. People don’t think they are the logic itself, nor make their own rules to rule others. But when they employ the will of God to explain the world, they can’t be consistent.

(Sorry for my remarks on Christianity I had made before. Christian logic is just religious.)

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